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It is the ultimate sexual supplement for women. With Lovegra, you can forget about low libido, lack of arousal, and painful sex. It is the best way to get the most out of your sex life. It’s a natural supplement made from all-natural ingredients, and it helps you stay hard for as long as you want! It boosts your sex drive and helps you achieve intense orgasms. It’s safe, affordable, and effective!

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Lovegra for Womengra ( for women only ) 100 mg

Female sexual dysfunction can result from stress or hormonal imbalances and significantly impact a female’s self-esteem and interpersonal relations. It is characterized by persistent, recurrent problems with sexual response, desire, orgasm, and pain resulting in an overall lower libido and decreased quality of life. The problem is curable when diagnosed and treated on time. Of the various treatment options, It is among the most popular because of its efficiency in delivering quality and timely results.

Generic name


Brand name

Sildenafil Citrate/Viagra

Manufacturer name

Ajanta Pharma


Sildenafil Citrate




Blister pack


Pink pills

Drug Class

PDE-5 inhibitors

Prescribed for

Erectile dysfunction in females

Side Effects

Headache, indigestion, sleeplessness


What is Lovegra

It is a Sildenafil derivative designed for use in female sexual dysfunction. It is available in a strength of 100 mg and works on sexual issues safely and gently. It can be used in women of all age groups and even in women on antidepressant medications. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder is traditionally defined as a persistent or recurrent inability to attain or maintain adequate lubrication and genital swelling.

FSAD is traditionally defined as a persistent or recurrent inability to attain or maintain adequate lubrication and genital swelling until the completion of sexual activity.

How does Lovegra work

According to recent estimates, 40-45% of women experience sexual dysfunction at least once in their lifetimes. The problem arises from a hormonal imbalance-induced lubricating difficulty exacerbated by impaired vascular function and transmission of nerve fibers to the female genital area, including the clitoris. It causes relaxation of the smooth muscle cells and vasodilates the area to increase blood flow in the genital organs during sexual activity.

Other than enlarging the clitoris, It improves vaginal lubrication by ultrafiltration of plasma through vaginal capillary vessels and works as a readily available treatment for genital FSAD.

Is Lovegra safe and effective for FSAD?

In a randomized, double-blind study, the use of Lovegra in 202 postmenopausal women for 12 weeks significantly improved arousal sensation, lubrication, and orgasm among the subjects included in the study. While it was moderately or mildly effective for hypoactive sexual disorder and dyspareunia, the effect mainly was felt for genital Female  Sexual Disorder. It was also effective in people with secondary FSD due to diabetes mellitus, chronic antidepressant use, or multiple sclerosis.

How to use Lovegra 100 mg?

It has an onset period of 45-60 minutes and attains plasma concentrations within an hour or two of using it. The best time to use Lovegra is 30-40 minutes before sexual activity and not to exceed more than 100 mg in 24 hours. Avoid heavy or greasy meals with the medicine. Don’t overdose on the drug to heighten sexual stimulation or prolong the phase of sexual activity.

Buy Lovegra online USA

You can buy Lovegra online in the USA from reputed sites dealing with dispensing Lovegra and other Sildenafil derivatives. Ensure you opt for a site with an excellent online reputation and valid customer id


It works on female sexual dysfunction in the following manner.

  • Increases blood flow to the vaginal area and helps in the enlargement of the clitoris
  • Increases the intensity of sexual sensation
  • Improves the lack of sex drive and the overall libido
  • Enhances the quality of orgasm
  • It improves the libido and restores the lack of sex drive

Side Effects

 Some of the side effects associated with Lovegra are 


Headache, Flushing, Nausea, Rhinitis


Muscle pain, Stomach ache, Visual Disturbances


Anemia, Abdominal pain, Face Edema, Photosensitivity

If the side effects persist or increase in intensity, discontinue Lovegra use and get urgent medical help.


It is for improving female sexual dysfunction disorder and working on a lubricated vagina and enlarged clitoris with long-lasting orgasms and sexual activity. The medicine has a quick onset of action and has been found to work on primary and secondary cases of FSD

 FDA has warned against using Lovegra and alcohol together as they can result in severe adverse reactions and sometimes be life-threatening. Other than alcohol, medical practitioners also advise against driving or operating heavy machinery after using the medicine.

Lovegra use can result in flushing and photosensitivity, and it is advised to cover the body or wear skin-friendly fabric while using it. Inform your practitioner about your systemic status or if you are allergic to its ingredients before starting the medicine.

Because of the nature of Lovegra, it is ok to miss a dose of Lovegra without experiencing any side effects or withdrawal tendencies. Take the advice of your medical practitioner if you are required to use it daily or can skip regularly using it.

It can interact with medicines like Nitrates, antihypertensives, and alpha-blockers and should be avoided using simultaneously. You should not use Lovegra if you have a serious heart or liver problem or have an inherited eye disease

You should seek medical help on experiencing overdosing symptoms, chest tightness, seizures, uncontrolled coughing, or bluing or graying skin.

You can use it before and after meals. Avoid foods like caffeinated beverages or grapefruit with it. Ensure that you consume light meals before using it.

Animal studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus on using it. But for safety reasons, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using it.

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