Shipping Regulations

We appreciate you stopping by and purchasing with us at His Blue. The terms and conditions that make up our Shipping Policy are outlined in the following paragraphs.

Time spent processing shipments.

Every order is handled within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. The processing of your purchase is followed immediately by prompt shipment of your product(s). The time it takes to dispatch an order might vary significantly depending on the logistics hub handling the shipment.
Delivered within 5-7 days (depending on product availability and costs as applicable) when you order from the US Distribution Center (this service is only available to clients in the US). From the US Distribution Center, orders of more than 100 tablets cannot be processed.
Delivered in three to four weeks when sent from the India Distribution Center.
Delivered in three to four weeks or less from the Singapore Distribution Center.

Suppose you choose standard delivery for your package. In that case, it will typically arrive at its destination within four to seven business days (after it has been dispatched). Shipments labeled as Express or Overnight are typically delivered within one to two business days.

Note:- Weekends and holidays are not considered shipping or delivery days for orders.

Shipments may be delayed by a few days if we are experiencing a large number of orders. Please allow for extra transportation days when calculating delivery times. We will get in touch with you by either calling you or sending you an email if there is going to be a major delay in the shipping of your purchase.

Shipping Policy for Customers Outside of the US

Deliveries to nations other than the United States may take three to four weeks to complete or even longer if the destination country’s customs impose a processing delay.

It typically takes seven to eight business days to deliver packages to countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Israel, and the Netherlands. We provide a choice to transport the goods directly from Germany to certain countries, like France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Please be aware that the pricing shown on our website is only valid for consumers located in the United States. Customers from countries other than the US will pay different ultimate pricing. We know that every client who needs the MTP Kit is now working with a time-sensitive circumstance. As a result, given the current circumstances, we ask for your patience and support while maintaining our commitment to providing guaranteed delivery on all purchases.

Costs of shipping and approximate times of delivery

When you check out, the total cost of the shipping fees associated with your purchase will be computed and presented. A flat cost of $30 is added to orders less than $150.

Confirmation of shipments and monitoring of orders

It will take us a few days to ship your item. After we receive it, we get confirmation from you to prevent any fraudulent activity from occurring during online transactions. To confirm your purchase, we will get in touch with you either via the mail or by phone.

After your purchase has been processed and sent, you will get an email titled “Shipment Confirmation,” including your tracking number(s). Within the next twenty-four hours, the tracking number will become active.

Taxes, Customs Fees, and Other Charges will bear the cost of any customs fees or taxes that are associated with your purchase. We take precautions to prevent any extra taxes from being levied on your purchase and ensure that it is delivered to you promptly.

Costs and Losses

Your purchase is completely in our control, as promised. If you have a damaged order, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can process your claim.
Before making a claim, you must save all the damaged products and the packing materials.

Policy Concerning International Shipping

We can send it to practically any country in the globe. However, we do not ship to countries, regions, or war zones currently experiencing violence. We place the highest importance on every order. You may send us an email or give us a phone if you live in a war-torn area to find out whether or not we can fulfill your purchase if you want to know whether or not it can be transported.

Policy Regarding Returns

Our Return and Refund Policy offers in-depth guidance on the many paths and steps that may be taken to get a refund for an item that you have purchased from us.
It would help if you made it a habit to check this policy regularly since we retain the right to modify or alter our Shipping Policy at any moment.

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